Invasion Of The Ortaks

Invasion Of The Ortaks, is an epic fantasy and a fiction, created by Sveinn Benónýsson.  It takes place in the world of Esthopia.  A continent of six kingdoms, where you will be taken on a journey along with men and Elves, as they fight a brave battle against the evil of this world and the Underworld.  Come with us and join Sir Klaus, Princess Egny and the Elves as they fight side by side.   Discover a wonderful landscape, as you go through Bending Pass, and over the Great Mountains.   Sail with us across Lake Etu,  and travel all the way to Cape City.   


The author:  Sveinn Benónýsson

This story has been in the back of my mind for two decades. Now when I finally am able to write it, it takes me to places, I have never thought of before. But after reading the Icelandic Sagas in my childhood, and having a great interest in the world history, I have decided to create my own world, “Esthopia.” A continent of six kingdoms, and the adventures of the people in it.

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